Fussy cutting sewalong September roundup

Hello everybody!

I am trying to catch up on this sewalong, and I am running a bit out of order.

So here's September! The theme was food and drink. I did 4 star flowers on this theme. Three out of the four were actually done in September.

And this month you have the added bonus of a soundtrack, because each block made me think of a song. Please enjoy!

Week 1 was identifiable motifs in the inner diamonds.

Strawberries! Strawberries are probably my favourite fruit. I was very much going for a 'strawberry fields' effect with the choice of green fabric in the outer diamonds. I think it works well.

Track of the block: Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles.

Week 2 was mystery sections in the inner diamonds. I knew what fabric I would use for the sections as soon as the theme was announced.

The fabric used is this one, which was a gift from one of my sisters many years ago.

It is such a fun fabric it turns up in lots of things I make, even though I don't actually like coffe…

Tulapalooza Dos Cuadrados/Heights and Depths Block

Hello everyone!

Well it's two weeks late, but I finally got my September Tula Palooza block finished.

For this month we were using the Dos
Cuadrados pattern by Jordan Fabrics. I couldn't work out how to translate the strip piecing from the pattern to a single block, so I cut it out as lots of little pieces. Here is my fabric pull.

The meteor fabric was my part of my winnings from a Tulapalooza giveaway (mentioned here). I don't think this sampler quilt would have felt right if I hadn't found a place to feature it.

My original pull had just the black, white and pinm, but after staring at it for a few days (as mentioned on Insta here) I decided that, oddly for Tula Pink fabric, the feature fabrics looked too washed out. So I added in the green to lessen the tone contrast between the pink and the other two.

Unfortunately, I clearly wasn't thinking straight when I cut it out because I didn't cut enough strips of the pink. Which I discovered part way through sewing…

Etsy shop coming soon!

Hello everyone!

I have some exciting news! Eve of Destruxion the Etsy shop is coming soon! Very soon in fact as at the launch I will be selling some Christmas decorations. Here's what some of them will look like!

They are about 4.5 inches big, not including the ribbon. I would love to hear your thoughts on them. Which one is your favourite?

I will also be offering customisable versions of this shape. Here are couple of pics of my proof of concept makes, I have some lovely  fabrics on order to offer my customers a choice of colours.

Again, I would love to know your thoughts. What colours or shapes would you like to see?

The next product I am going to be offering at launch is... memory cushions. I will be turning T-shirts and tops into cushions. The memory could be a life milestone, a child's first, a departed loved one or just the good times.

My sister entrusted me with a band T-shirt from a band she worked with and here is the resulting cushion!

I have lots to do to get everyt…

Upcycled play food

Hello everybody!

I have been spending a lot of time recently on a Facebook group called the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective. They are a movement dedicated to keeping textile waste out of landfill. There are thousands of inspiring people doing their best to dye, sew and embroider all sorts of fabrics. I really want to try and do more of that sort of thing myself.

A lovely little human recently had her first birthday. Her talented mother made her a play kitchen for her birthday present out of recycled materials. So I thought she needed some upcycled play food to go with it. I made 5 little bits.
Photos are posed on my own children's play kitchen, which is not recycled but has been well used.

First up, I made a milk bottle. This is made out of an old T shirt, with cardboard from a cereal box inside to stiffen it. It is stuffed with fabric and batting scraps.

This was my raw material - this is all that could be salvaged from an old T shirt of my sons'.

My first attempt to make an apple…

Tulapalooza Hearts Crossed block

Hello everybody!

Just sneaking this in before the end of August, here is this month's block. It was a very simple quick one, using the free Heart Crossed pattern by In Color Order.

As with all of these blocks, the pattern is for a whole quilt. To turn it into a block, I decided on a simple 9-patch, with four crosses. Here is my fabric pull.

I was going for coherent, with a bit of a scrappy feel. I decided on just the one colour for the crosses (the pink) and attempted a purple-blue-green colour gradient from top to bottom with the background squares. It also gave me an excuse to cut into my newly-acquired piece of Pinkerville fabric and to fussy cut a Loch Ness Monster.

I have been working quite slowly this month, as I have had the kids off school. The pattern itself came together quickly, but I worked in such small bursts that it took me over three weeks. It is easily doable in an evening, even working by hand like me. Here's a couple of in-progress shots.

I played around qui…