Tula Palooza Rocky Mountain Puzzle

My March Tula Palooza Block is finished.

This month we are doing Rocky Mountain Puzzle blocks, using this tutorial.

I must admit, I have struggled to like this block. I don't really understand why. I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it exactly like the picture, so I sketched it out and coloured it in differently.

This was something I felt I could make. I also decided to set it on point. I worked out a 10 inch block on point would sit about right with my other two 14 inch blocks once I had added triangles to square it up.

I decided on a purple and green fabric pull, with a bee framed in the centre. I thought it would be too much purple to use that for the frame as well, so I added one more colour compared to my sketch.

To make the HSTs, I followed a method from Kirsty at Bonjour Quilts that makes two lots at once with no waste. This worked well as there were at least two of each colour combination.

These sorts of cutting and sewing multiple HST methods work, I know they w…

Bits and bobs

Hello everyone!

I have been working in a very bitty way this week, making little bits of progress on whatever I feel like doing.

First up, a quick finish. I needed a new coin purse so I whipped up this using things in my stash. Here's the front, back and inside.

I got half way through a tutorial on Pinterest for it when I took a short break and lost the webpage I was looking. So I guessed what I was meant to do next. I did find the page again and saw that I guessed wrong, but my way worked ok, the lining seam is just not as neat. I'll get it right next time.

Next up, quilting my Hexie Hearts.

I am quilting the purple/pink heart in little bursts as I get the opportunity. To be honest, it's going very slowly.

Up next, Tula Palooza. I won a prize on IG! For a picture of my stash while not being at Quiltcon. Here I am showing off my winnings.

That has given me a push to make a start on my March block.

The block is called Rocky Mountain Puzzle and it does actually require a bit…

2019 #fussycuttingsewalong February roundup

I may have gone a little overboard making starflowers this month.  I made 11. I found it tricky to get a good photograph of all of them, mostly because the kids kept running off with the blocks.

The sewalong only required us to make 4, 1 per week. But I just couldn't stop myself cutting out and sewing more than that. So this is going to be a long post.

The theme for February was lines.  We started the month with radiating lines. I made two that definitely met the prompt, and two more for fun. Here are the first two:

The top one is an experiment with a colour combination I wouldn't normally go for. And an excuse to use the cute lemur fabric by Rachida Colman-Hale. It got a lot of IG love but I still don't really like the grey flower fabric.
The rainbow one feels much more me. The fabric in the inner diamonds was a Festival of Quilts purchase last year. I love the star effect in the centre. The outer fabric I bought a while ago, and is great for fussy cutting effects. Here i…

Tula Palooza Seeing Double block

I have completed the February block of my Tula Palooza sampler quilt. This is part of an Instagram sewalong. This month we had to use the Seeing Double pattern by Then Came June .

The pattern gives options for baby, throw and Queen sized quilts. None of which really fit my plan of doing a single block. The basic block from the pattern is a 16-patch on point. I didn't think that would sit right with my other block. So I worked out a way to adapt it for my wishes, using two blocks.

Here's my fabric pull. It took a couple of attempts to work out something where I was happy with the dark-to-light gradient effect.

Following the pattern, I pieced short strips. To stop it becoming too big, I reduced the strip width to 3 inches.

I then cut them into units and pieced them into two blocks.

Yes, I know one of the blocks is a bit wonky in the middle. That decided for me which block I would need to slice up. Because hiding my wonky sewing is my quilting superpower!

Based on how the pattern…